Gear automatic precision forging line

2017-11-30 17:05:32

Gear precision forging is a less (no) cutting process, this process can be directly precision forming gear forgings, precision requirements, without the need for cutting process, leaving only a small amount of grinding. For example: Straight bevel gears and spiral bevel gear forgings after forging the tooth surface no longer need to be machined; tooth-shaped splines and convex, concave positioning of the synchronous gear ring precision forging pieces, after the completion of the forging, no more cutting is done. This article mainly introduces CNC hammer precision forging gear automatic line forging technology and equipment advantages.

1. Forging equipment

CNC hammer precision forging gear automatic line, CNC hydraulic close die forging hammer as the main equipment, other related equipment, including furnaces, punching presses, forging robots, automatic spray graphite descaling device, special clamps, blank flip platform, safety fences and other related components.

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2. Forging process
Bar heating - CNC forging hammer precision forging - Press punching - Product storage
3. Advantages
①Heating furnace with automatic nesting, feeding function, automatic continuous heating, with the bar sorting function;
②CNC hammer forging die with automatic inkjet device;
③Rod pier with rough automatic blowing oxide function;
④CNC hammer with program control forging, for automated forging production line;
⑤CNC hammer forging high precision, suitable for ring forging without flash edge forging;
⑥CNC hammer with automatic ejection forgings feature;
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Anyang Forging Press Company manufacture all capacity forging equipment, also, we experience in providing the whole production line for our forging customers. Our main products: 
1. C92K CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer
2. C86 hydraulic close die forging hammer
3. C66 hydraulic open die forging hammer
4. Y13 hydraulic open die forging press
5. C41 pneumatic forging power hammer
6. T31 forging manipulator
7. ZQ steel ball skew rolling machine
8. D51 and D53 ring rolling machine
9. ZGD automatic roll forging machine
10. D46 cross wedge rolling machine
11. T92Y high speed hydraulic riveting machine
12. Y81 and Y83 series metal recycling press machine
13. Q42 series billet cold shearing line
14. JH21 series open type high performance press with fixed bed
15. JC31 series closed type trimming press
16. J58K series CNC electric screw press
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