Direct Electrically Driven Screw Presses - Design & Manufacture Innovation

2020-05-22 11:23:17

What is direct electrically driven screw presses?

The direct electrically driven screw presses is a forging equipment with strong process applicability, taking into account the dual attributes of the forging hammer and the press. It has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, short transmission chain, convenient operation, safe operation and small maintenance workload. It is suitable for all kinds of precision forging, finishing, fine pressing, embossing, rectifying, and equalizing procedures. The strike energy can be set accurately, and the energy and strike force can be adjusted according to the molding accuracy to reduce the mechanical stress and thermal contact time of the mold and extend the life of the mold. The body of electrically operated screw press has good rigidity, high guide precision of the slider, and strong anti-eccentric load capacity. It can be used for multi-station die forging and is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly press.

direct electric driven screw forging press precision forging

How does direct electrically driven screw presses work?

The motor drives the slider to move up and down through the small gear, the large gear, and the screw. The large gear has enough inertia to play the role of flywheel energy storage. After the start signal is input, the motor drives the slider to accelerate down from the stationary state via the pinion gear and the large gear. When the motor reaches the preset speed required by the impact energy, the motor stops accelerating, and the kinetic energy stored in the large gear works to form the part . At the same time, the motor immediately drives the large gear to reverse, and after returning to a certain rotation angle, the motor enters the braking state, causing the large gear to drive the slider back to the preset position. Because the slider brakes by the motor when returning, the mechanical brake only works when the slider is close to the top dead center. The brake material is not easy to wear and does not need to be replaced frequently.

Characteristics of direct electrically driven screw presses

How about AFP direct electrically driven screw press?

The electrically operated screw press produced by Anyang Forging Press adopts a gear transmission mode. This transmission mode is characterized by the use of a special motor, which has a higher speed and a lower torque. The electrically driven screw presses of different tonnages use special motors of different powers. It is easy to replace when the motor fails. . Maintenance is easy and simple, and at the same time, the wear of the screw guide bush will not affect the performance of the motor. After years of continuous improvement and innovation, the efficiency of electric screw presses has been continuously improved, which has gradually established our company's leading position in the electric screw press market. The main innovations are as follows:

Anyang direct electric driven screw forging press structure

Forging automation of direct electrically driven screw press

direct electrically driven screw press automatic forging line

Taking electrically operated screw press as the core equipment, Anyang Forging Press can provide forging users with one-stop forging production line solutions, including blanking equipment, heating equipment, pre-forging equipment, forging robots, forging equipment, trimming equipment and integrated systems. The automatic production line of the electrically driven screw press developed by AFP has the following advantages: