Screw Press Forging Machine Process and Type Introduction

2020-04-11 14:35:21

 Screw press is a kind of forging machine that can transform the rotating energy of flywheel into the work of the up and down movement of mould. Its earliest structure originated from the ancient printing machine. Because the rotating energy can bring great energy, but the rotating energy of the flywheel must pass through the screw device (screw rod and nut) to transfer the force to the die. Affected by the force and reaction force, the fuselage, screw, nut and other force sensitive parts are also affected by the closing force. Therefore, the screw press is particularly suitable for the machine with large energy forming, but the force is limited .

what is screw type forging press

Advantages of screw press forging machine

Disadvantages of screw press forging machine

The ability of the screw press forging press to bear eccentric load is poor, it is usually used in single groove die forging, and the blank making is generally carried out on other auxiliary equipment. When there are many complex forging processes, there are many equipment in the production line, and the investment in the whole line is large.

Comparison between forging hammer and screw press forging machine

Compared with forging hammer, screw press has more energy and less forging force, so it is not suitable for forging with complex shape and thin forgings. When it is hit, the fuselage is subject to closing force. Once it is overloaded, it is easy to crack the fuselage. The selection of screw press tonnage must be adapted to the characteristics.
Hitting Energy
Normal Force
Stroke Frequency
630 ton electric screw forging press 80 6300 20
25kj CNC closed die forging hammer 25 10000 60
80KJ CNC closed die forging hammer 80 31500 60

(h2)How many types of screw press forging machine?

In the development of screw press forging machine, there are four main transmission types: friction screw press, hydraulic screw press, clutch screw press and electric screw press.

Friction press

Friction press is the oldest screw press with simple structure and low price, but its transmission efficiency is low, the friction belt is easy to wear, and the forging energy is not easy to control accurately.
electric screw press is better than friction screw forging press

Hydraulic screw press

The hydraulic screw press is a kind of screw press forging machine which uses the hydraulic transmission to drive the flywheel to rotate and realize the up and down movement of the slider. The performance of hydraulic screw press is better than friction screw press, but the hydraulic system is complex, the maintenance technology level is high, and the price is much higher than friction press.

Clutch screw press

Launched in the late 1970s, also known as high-energy screw press. Its characteristic is that the screw drives the slider rapidly, the slider can output the rated energy value and reach the maximum forging force in a small stroke, and the forging frequency is high. But the structure of the machine is very complex. There are not only mechanical clutch transmission, but also hydraulic transmission for slide return.

Electric screw press

The electric screw press uses the motor to drive the flywheel directly, and the main structure is simpler than the friction press. Because of the great progress in power electronic technology in recent years, the electric screw press has been greatly developed and widely used in the world.

Anyang Electric screw press advantages

The electric screw press developed by Anyang Forging Press integrates the advantages of the electric screw press and avoids the disadvantages of the old structure through innovation and transformation.
Anyang electric screw press forging automation

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