Different Forging Equipment Comparison - Choose Your Own Forging Machine

2020-06-11 13:45:46

With the rapid development of forging technology, there are more and more types of forging machine. At present, forging press and forging hammer are still two main kind of forging machine. electric direct driven screw press has being replacing the position of friction press and belt press, CNC forging hammer and hydraulic forging hammer are two most common forging hammer.

They can meet various of forging needs, instead of those replaced old traditional forging machine, these new type forging equipment have higher technology content, guarantee the quality of forgings have been higher and higher. But there are still some differences between these forging machine, not all of them can produce your perfect forgings, different machine has different forging application.

Anyang Forging Press is the biggest forging equipment manufacturer in China, we have design and manufacture forging machine since 1956. Our main forging machine for large hot forging industry include electric direct driven screw press, CNC forging hammer, and hydraulic forging hammer. The following article will take Anyang Forging Press products as an example to analyze the characteristics of different die forging equipment and the application range of forgings.

Electric Direct Driven Screw Press (250 ton - 4000 ton)

electric direct driven screw forging press design

The electric direct driven screw press can provide large working energy, without fixed bottom dead center, short stroke, stable energy, suitable for open die and closed die precision forging. Due to the low speed of the slider, it has unique advantages in the forging of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and copper. Low working vibration, low noise, advanced frequency conversion control technology, and simple and reliable structural features make the electric screw press widely used in forging production.

How to choose a suitable die forging hammer?

The forging hammer has a high degree of process flexibility. On the same forging hammer, almost all forging processes can be realized. In terms of its economy, the forging hammer is still the best forging equipment. The forming speed of the forging hammer is fast, which is suitable for the production of many varieties of small and medium batches, especially the production of large and complex forgings. It has unique advantages in the production of thin-walled, high-ribbed and precision forgings.

CNC die forging hammer (16kj - 400kj)

CNC die forging hammer design

Fully hydraulic forging hammer (1 ton - 25 ton)

full hydraulic die forging hammer choose

Other die forging assistant machine

Electric screw press multi-function die frame

multi function die frame for forging equipment

Suitable for round mold, square mold, multi-cavity combined mold.

Quick die changer

forging equipment Quick forging die changer

Automatic graphite spraying device for die forging machine

Automatic graphite spraying machine for die forging machine

The fixed graphite spraying device makes production smoother. (An Ding Company also provides mobile inkjet and two-axis profiling inkjet)

Wedge Key Driver for Die Forging Hammer

forging hammer die installation equipment key driver

Key driver is suitable for the punching in and punching out of 16KJ-400KJ die forging hammer die.

Automatic Forging Line Solution

forging automation line with screw press design

Forging automation line with screw press

automatic die hammer forging line

Automatic die hammer forging line

Anyang Forging Press provides forging users at home and abroad with forging process consulting, equipment R&D and manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, and automation/intelligent upgrade services.

Professional Forging Machine Manufacturer - Anyang Forging Press

Anyang Forging Press is a forging equipment group company integrating forging design consulting, equipment supply, installation and maintenance services. It has a history of more than 60 years of professional production of forging equipment. Provide the integrated design, production and service of hot forging complete line equipment in the whole field covering die forging, free forging, ring forging and other products with CNC hammer, electric screw press, CNC ring rolling machine, steel ball oblique rolling machine and other products Users are all over the fields of military industry, automobiles, construction machinery, aerospace, hardware tools, ships, petroleum, wind power and other fields.

In recent years, Anfor has attached great importance to the development of e-commerce, pursued a combination of online and offline service models, continuously expanded domestic and foreign markets, and strived to allow more forging customers to use high-quality forging equipment. At present, Anforged products have been successfully exported to 79 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, Turkey, India and others.

AFP Die Forging Equipment Customer Cases

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CNC die forging hammer SUPPLIER

hot die forging hammer machine for sale

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professional electric direct drive screw forging press manufacturer

What Parts can be Forged on Die Forging Equipment?

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hot die forging machine design

hot die forgings press machine manufacturer

Intimate and Customized Forging Solution Service

It is the unremitting pursuit of An Dingren to provide quality service to users, and has formed a complete system of parts supply, technical support and after-sales service. It not only has market service personnel in various provinces and cities, but also has offices in more than 10 countries and regions, and authorized agents in nearly 20 countries. Market service personnel and technical personnel are dispatched to key markets all the year round, so that each forging user can provide timely and efficient pre-sales and after-sales services.

Every one of the forging people will use the values of win-win, leadership, enthusiasm and recognition to serve 10,000 forging companies around the world and become the world's first brand of forging equipment.

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