Automatic electric screw press flange forging line

2017-12-07 10:36:42

Flanges are widely used and in great demand, with a wide range of equipment capable of producing flanges. Automatic forging is the development trend of today's forging industry, this article mainly introduces automatic flange forging line - electric screw press production line. Anyang Forging Press Company mainly produces all kinds of close die and open die forging equipment, electric screw press is one of our main equipment, which mainly used for the close die forging production and precision forging industry.

Electric screw press automatic flange forging line
Forging process
①.Forging directly with forging equipment, generally divided into three steps, the pier thick, forming, punching cutting edge, this process is generally used for 8 inches flanges.
②.Using close die forging equipment for upsetting, pre-forming, punching, rolling ring, this process is suitable for the manufacture of larger size flanges.
Equipment selection
automatic flange forging line
Upsetting equipment can choose mechanical trimming press or electric screw presses, final forging equipment generally use electric screw press, roller ring machine used vertical CNC ring rolling machine.
1. Blow energy can be accurately controlled, forming high precision, small parts tolerance;
2. Strike the appropriate energy, touch a short time, long mold life;
3. Effective energy, high efficiency, low energy consumption;
4. Simple structure, safe operation, easy to operate, easy to maintain.
Electric screw press
The technical parameter of electric screw press will be as follow:
technical parameter of electric screw press

Working principle of electric screw press

Slide moves up & down driven by motor through pinion, gearwheel and screw, gearwheel has enough inertia act as flywheel. After input start signal, motor from stationary state drives slide accelerate downwards through pinion and gearwheel, motor stop accelerating after reaching required speed bt pre-set blow energy, kinetic energy stored be gearwheel works, e.g. forming works. At the same time, motor immediately drives gearwheel to reversal rotation, when reaches a certain corner, motor will start to brake, drives slide back to pre-set position. Since side return in braked by motor, brake material is not easy to wear, no need frequently changed.

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