Truck steering knuckles forging process

2017-12-14 13:40:49

Steering knuckles in the forging production process have higher requirements. Truck steering knuckle shape asymmetry, dramatic changes in cross-sectional shape, forging quality, complex shape, forming a great difficulty. Forging rod thin and long, the flange part of the cavity deep and narrow, the key of forging is how to ensure the rational distribution of metal materials and the filling of the cavity. It is very difficult to directly forge forming with round bar, and it is necessary to fully consider the metal flow of the forging cavity and the pre-distribution of the raw material from the mold design.

truck steering knuckles automatic forging line
Forging process using the second molding program, the first free forging rough, after pre-forging, and finally forging molding. Forging truck steel knuckles process is as follows:
Blanking - Heating - Free forging billets - Pre-forging, Final forging - Hot trimming - Quenching - Shot Blasting.
truck steering knuckles drawing
1. Blank size determination
Forging rod thin and long, the need for the first rod system. Flange deep and narrow, more materials, wide range of fork parts, should pay attention to the expected distribution, to ensure that all corners are full.
2. Forging cavity design
Pre-forging cavity is used to sub-material, pre-shaped, to improve the flow of metal in the final forging cavity conditions to reduce the final forging cavity wear and tear, improve die life, pay attention to the flange and the fork mouth material distribution .
3. Final forging cavity design
Increase the flash flange at the bridge Department, increase the resistance is full of metal cavity, made of double glitter groove, to accommodate excess material.
4. Burr groove design
The design of the grooves is mainly to determine the size of the bridge, the b/h=2.5~4 is adopted, the b/h value of the easy forming part is less than 3, and more than 3 in the difficult part.
5. Forging forming force calculation
p = 6KF
K: Coefficient of steel; F: total deformation area of forging plane
truck steering knuckles drawing
Device Selection
1. Cutting equipment using high-precision bar cutting machine, with automatic feeding device, can be automated.
2. Heating equipment according to the actual situation to choose the right furnace
3. Pre-forging equipment can be carried out directly on the electric screw press, air hammer, die forging hammer, free forging hammer and so on.
4. Final forging equipment recommended the Anyang Forging Press Company's electric screw presses.
5. Trimming equipment can using JC31 series trimming press.
electric screw press truck steering knuckles forging line
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