Bevel gear precision forging production line

2017-12-22 14:18:43

Bevel gear is used to transmit the motion and power between two intersecting shafts. In a common machine, the angle between two axes of bevel gears is equal to 90 ° (but it may not be equal to 90 °). Similar to a spur gear, a bevel gear has an index cone, a tip cone, a root cone, and a base cone. The cone has a large end and a small end, corresponding to the large end of the circle are called indexing circle (radius r), addendum circle, root circle and base circle. The movement of a pair of bevel gears is equivalent to a pair of pitch cones for pure rolling.

bevel gear forged by electric screw press

The production of bevel gear with precision forging technology not only has the advantages of material saving, energy saving and high efficiency, but also can significantly improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and root flexural strength of gear, obviously improve the fatigue performance of gear, Compared to processing, precision forging straight bevel gear production line can reduce production costs by 20% -40%.
bevel gear automatic precision forging line
1. Hot forging & cold finishing process:
①. Blanking using band sawing machine, disc saw or high-precision bar stock cut material, require the end flush, no cutting defects.
②. Heating with less non-oxidizing heating to ensure that the tooth surface less oxidation without surface defects, there are two kinds of heating equipment: The first is a medium frequency induction heating furnace with nitrogen protection, and has a fast discharge mechanism to reduce oxidation outside the furnace for the To ensure the tooth profile accuracy, heating temperature control at 950 degrees, the power of the electric furnace, according to the production beats determined. This is followed by the choice of forging equipment, the higher the production efficiency, the greater the electric furnace power, in order to save labor, you can choose a furnace with automatic feeding function, nitrogen protection is to reduce the oxidation, the source of nitrogen, the choice of industrial Nitrogen machine. The second is a new furnace, the first bar heated to about 200 degrees, and then sprayed to the bar forging graphite, water-based graphite in the rapid evaporation of water at high temperatures, bar under the graphite 
layer wrapped in the High-temperature heating will not produce oxidation, to achieve the purpose of less non-oxidizing heating.
③. Forging can use electric screw press or hot forging press, the process is basically forging and final forging.Bevel gear forging process flow chart
The bevel gear precision forging process will be shown as below:
bevel gear precision forging process
Electric screw presses are typically forged on two pieces of equipment. Hot-die forging presses are typically forged at three stations, roughing, pre-forging and final forging. Forging to reduce oxidation, not in the isothermal normalizing, slow cooling to below 200 degrees with incubators, workpieces placed in the incubator to be careful when operating to ensure that the tooth surface without bump. After hot forging, the cold cutting edge is carried out, into the surface treatment process, in order to prevent the collision of the tooth flank, by plane or planetary wheel shot blasting machine. Shot peening treated forging after the press and saponification machine and then cold-pressed to ensure accuracy, precision press recommended the use of high-precision hydraulic machine, a higher cost.
2. Hot forging process
The hot forging process is exactly the same as the previous process, only to remove the cold finishing.
Process diagram of precision forging gear
bevel gear precision forging process diagram 
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