How to make steel balls?

2018-06-06 14:54:52

Anyang Forging Press Company foucus on producing high-quality steel ball making machine for our customers. Totally, there are three ways to make the steel ball, 1. rolling steel balls, 2. forging steel balls, 3. casting steel balls.As we know, the quality of casting ball is bad, and same with the casting working environment. Also, we know that the forging ball quality is the best, but the production rate is low. Then, how to make the best steel balls in the best way?

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1. The steel ball production efficiency aspect

Anyang ZQ series skew rolling mill is one of the most efficient steel ball making machine nowadays. And, Anyang skwe rolling mill will be the main trend of the steel ball industry. As a substitute for cast iron ball, the biggest advantage of Anyang skew rolling mill is high-output, for example, the ZQ-40 steel ball skew rolling mill automatic production line can make steel balls 90 pcs/min, on the other hand, the quality of rolling ball is much better than casting ball, due to the special heat treatment process after rolling by skew rolling mill. Here is one video about the working process of skew rolling mill on my youtube playlist, hope it will be helpful to you: https://youtu.be/Na6HWzMC7PE

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Recently, we exported our ZQ series 30, 40, and 60 steel ball automatic production line to our Iran customers for mining industry. Besides, the ZQ series skew rolling mill is widely applied in the steel plant, chemical plant, construction plant, power plant etc. And skew rolling mill suitable for making steel balls diameter between 25 mm to 120 mm. The entire production line includes feeder, furnace, skew rolling mill, conveyor system, and quenching machine. 

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2. The steel ball quality aspect

Since the forging ball quality is the best, however the production rate is low, how to solve this contradiction? Anyang Forging Press Company suggests Forging & Rolling steel ball automatic production line to our customers. The whole production line makes up by shearing machine (for cutting round billet), CNC forging hammer (for steel ball pre-forging), rolling machine (scavenging forged flown), heat treatment machine (for improve the steel ball quality).

Forged and Rolled Ball Combination Process.jpg

This type of steel ball automatic production line combined by two process-- forging & rolling, thus, it has dual advantages of good forging quality and high rolling efficiency,  further more, with the cooperation of the manipulator, the whole production line can be automated. Here is one video about the working performance of forging & rolling steel balls automatic production line: https://youtu.be/Wk-orTRh0ss

Steel ball forged by CNC forging hammer.JPG

3. The steel ball cost aspect

From the point of view of investment, compairing with steel ball skew rolling mill production line and forging & rolling steel ball production line, the pneumatic forging hammer steel ball production line is the most economical. The whole production line includes 3-4 sets of pneumatic forging hammers, one set of pneumatic forging hammer for pre-forging, another 2 or 3 sets of pneumatic forging hammer for precision forging, the whole process is manually operated, and skilled operators can greatly improve work efficiency.

C41-560 pneumatic forging hammer.jpg

In summary, Anyang Forging Press Company will help our customer to choose the best process to make steel balls, that according to the specific customer needs. Also, we provide all capacity forging hammer, forging press for our customers, if you would like to know more, please visit our company website: http://www.skewrollingmachine.com/

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